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Interview with Chris Fabregas

Remember when I said I would do an interview with Chris Fabregas (our beloved "Bear" of BTR) and asked you to submit questions?

So I can say that MANY questions were about the boys (then it would make sense to send it) and only two were more about his life. So I sent these two and created another eight.

See the interview below and hope you enjoy:

How did you audition to be part of the series? (Leticia Annes - @BTRBrasilFC)
CF: I originally went to Big Time Rush to Stand-in for James Maslow on a two day job. A stand-in does all the acting and rehearses the lines before the actor does it so the crew can set up the lighting, cameras, and positioning of the scene. That two day job turned into a full time job as a stand-in every day. In season two, the creator of BTR Scott Fellows, asked me to dress up in the bear suit for the Christmas episode. The bear was a huge hit with fans and Nickelodeon so he asked me to play him again throughout season three.

Do you think it’s strange to have a bear on the show?(Ana Beatriz Botto - @aninhabotto)
CF: No, I think it’s great! Big Time Rush is totally unique and fun so I think the Bear fits in perfectly.

How is film with the BTR cast?(Lia Maia Costa - @carganforlife)
CF: Every day is a blast. I am really serious when I say that everyone gets along like family and we laugh all the time. If you watch Big Time Bloopers you can see how much fun we have. We all take our jobs very seriously but it’s still fun.

What's your favorite episode of Big Time Rush?(Leticia Annes - @BTRBrasilFC)
CF: My favorite episode of BTR is Big Time Bloopers. It was fun to play the bear in so many scenes and I got a lot of fun and funny feedback from everyone.

Will you be in the fourth season of BTR?(Leticia Annes - @BTRBrasilFC)
CF: I will definitely be standing in everyday during Season 4. I’m hoping to put on that furry bear suit as often as they ask me too.

I can see you love getting chatting with your fans on Twitter. How do you find time to talk to them all?(Leticia Annes - @BTRBrasilFC)
CF: Rushers are remarkable fans; it’s always a pleasure writing them. If anytime I have a few moments during the day or downtime on set I look forward to answering everyone’s questions. When I was younger I used to wait outside of baseball stadiums to get autographs from players. The ones who stopped to talk and signed their pictures were my role models. It’s my goal to make my fans as happy as those baseball players made me.

What are your favorite TV shows, bands, and songs?(Leticia Annes - @BTRBrasilFC)
CF: I’m a huge fan of Modern Family. I also like NCIS, Revenge, and I watch sports on the weekends. (And of Course Big Time Rush). I like most types of music. Some of my top bands are Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Avicii, David Guetta, Jason Mraz, Coldplay, Frank Ocean, Counting Crows. It just depends on my mood for the day and which songs I’m listening to.

What do you think about Brazil? Have you been here?(Leticia Annes - @BTRBrasilFC)
CF: My Aunt lived in Brazil and two of my cousins were born in Rio. I’ve seen lots of pictures but I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet. I’d really love to visit someday especially during the 2014 World Cup.

What is the best part of being in front of the camera?(Leticia Annes - @BTRBrasilFC)
CF: I really enjoy watching the creative process. Between the actors, the lighting, the director, and stand-ins, there is always something interesting and creative going on.

Have you acted in movies or TV?(Leticia Annes - @BTRBrasilFC)
CF: I have acted in TV, movies, Soap Operas, and also commercials. My family always calls to tell me when they see me in something.

Well guys, hope you enjoyed and this was another interview and I hope that many other happens. And thank you Chris for the opportunity!

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