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Keek - Carlos Pena

"New episode tonight!! Is that a gorilla?"

May 30, 2013 | New episode tonight!! Is that a gorilla? by CarlosPenaTV on

"Hanging by the pool! #allureoftheseas"
"@royalcaribbean playing #windowsdown on the boat..#notbad It's a good day! #lastdayofvacation"
"@royalcaribbean just another vid of my crazy ride!!"
"@royalcaribbean the ride was interesting... Hahah"
"How we watch the NBA finals on a cruise ship"
"And yet another day on the high seas"
"#wangotango !!"
"Bye bye palm woods!!"
"Pop rocks!!"
"Good morning!/what are u guys up to!!?"
"Big time invasion!! Premiering right now!!"
"8pm on nick! Season 4 premiere!!! Make sure to tune in!"
"A normal rehearsal"
"Season premiere TONIGHT! 8 pm on nick!! #BTRseason4premiere"
"#bigtimethursdays !!"
'"Wen your hearts about to break sometimes you just Gatta say Na na na na" #preorder24seven #april30th #24seven'
"SERIES WRAP ON STAGE 28! The pool set! AND almost killing Alexa! SORRY BABY!!"
"Fox keek Friday!"
"That's a whole lot of hose."
"Carlos angry"
"Logan angry"
"Logan just said he was going to kick my ass..."
"Success!! Haha run glick ! Run!!"
"Lets try and make the light up stick in the window.. Haha"
"Well.. Bo likes beer.."
"Spittin on Alexa... (The game spit) ahha"
"She's a spy kid.."
"This is apparently legal here..."
"Come to the grove today at 3!!"
"BTR Harlem shake 2.0 :)"
"1 more day!!"
"Directing! Day 3!"
"@heffrondrive and I hanging upside down!!"
"Behind the scenes secrets!!"
"Season 4 sneak peak! (Slo mo) !!!"
"On air with Ryan Seacrest!!"
"Things that entertain me:)"
"Ki ki!!"
"I Inherited a cat. Hahaha"
"2am keek :)"
"The future is bright!"
"#kca #votecarlos"
"#kca #votecarlos #patriceisthebest"
"Good times! Until I got kicked out ! BLaHHH"
"#kca #votecarlos !!"
"He loves his nuts!!"
"Horse wins!! #kca #votebtr"
"I love u.. #kca #votecarlos"
"Keek Q & A !!! #kca #votecarlos"
"To be perfect or not to be perfect... That is the question!!"
"The perfect... What ever u call it... Hahahah"
"Kids choice awards!! Vote vote vote!!! Help us rushers!! #votekca #votebtr"
"Good m0rning!!"
"A little keek Q&A!"
"Play again play again!"
No Name
No Name
"Filming on set... Logan blows a kiss haha"
"530 am!!? And a Porsche?? #votekca #carlos !!"
"Episode 7.. Day one!!"
"Trouble trouble trouble... Ok I admit I like Taylor swift... Missing YOU @AlexaVega !! Come home!! HAPPY MARCH!"
"What we in the morning as where getting ready for BTR"
"Landed finally!!?? Wait a Ninja what?"
"I'm amazing!! Hahah"
"Look what we can do!"
"We taught cookie some phrases !"
"The new Pena family addition"
"Crazy Ferris wheel !!! Ahhh"
"You choose who wins!!!?"
"14 for Carlos... We need a tie breaker! Any ideas??"
"Friendly competition :) (Alec)"
"Wow he's super strong."
"2 KCA nominations!! Thank u!!!"
"This is Carlita..."
"Is that a spear !??? Ahhh">
"Star Wars paintings .."
"R2D2 Hahahah"
"Ramona wants the bone!!!"
"1 MILLION Rushers!!!!"
"Venus pool high jump!! With an extremely girly scream..."
"Venus pool ...jump one!"
"My favorite fruit in the whole wide world!!!"
"On a beach!! Almost to a million rushers!! Woohoo!!"
"Tied up on set!!"
"Perfect asspirouette by @alecthetrainer"
"I'm officially late for work."
"As the bell rings.."
"Come visit us!"
"Season 4"
"The perfect roller thinga ma jigga!"
"BTR 2013!!! Big things!!!!"
"Just got scammed by these kids in the movie theatre!!!"
"Stuck in the airport in Bimini!!"
"Update!!! From Bimini!!"
"Ed Sheeran is on my plane!!! Ok well it looked like him for a second"
"Update! On the set of Marvin Marvin!!"
"Perfect new invention.. Shah w/ @alecthetrainer"
"The perfect gym attire!! W/ @alecthetrainer"
"This one actually woks! @destefanomusic rocking out"
"@damonsharpe and Cher in the studio... Well... Kinda..."
"The perfect hide and seek"
"This is what happens when you train with @alecthetrainer .. " the PERFECT transformation" :)"
"Perfect face ...@alecthetrainer"
No name "Ahhhhh!!"
"Fun!!! Na na na na"
"Is that real?"
"#jingleball #jobros"
"The perfect Rihanna song by @alecthetrainer"
"Wow @mortazaestates .. Just wow"
"I just screamed like a girl..."
"Santa enchanted forest .."
"In Javi's evo"
"Thank u for the hats !!"
"Pool day.."
"Plane boredom material..."
"Spoke too soon..."
"Knock on plane door..."
"Taking off!! Peace love and happiness!!"
"Those people on blue shirts on the airport are like really mean smurfs..."
"Tuesday update! Come follow me on keek!!!"
"The perfect flex.. @alecthetrainer"
"Perfect pull up crunch.. @alecthetrainer"
"@shadbeast trying to fit through a hallway.."
"The perfect pick up!! With @shadbeast and @alecthetrainer"
"Make sure to log into FB! "
"Go vote for Elle!!! @tebey !! "
"@mortazaestates hahahaha"
"The perfect hex squat with @ivan_thetrainer and @alecthetrainer"
"@alecthetrainer getting 150s up!! This is the perfect dumbbell press!!"
"Gym with @alecthetrainer ... The perfect wide grip pull down!"
"Studio with Tek..."
"The perfect haircut! With @alecthetrainer"
"The perfect pull up! With @alecthetrainer"
"The perfect push up! With @alecthetrainer"
"I thought she knew..."
"My Halloween costume!"
"Happy Halloween !"
"A long as you love me..."
"1st keek! 1st lakers game! and 1st game for the Lakers season! @mortazaestates @alecthetrainer @sammydroke"

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