domingo, 12 de maio de 2013

Keek - James Maslow

"On set with @CherLloyd talking about her episode which airs tonight at 8! #BigTimeThursdays"

May 9, 2013 | On set with @CherLloyd talking about her episode which airs tonight at 8! #BigTimeThursdays by JamesMaslow on

"That's a wrap on season 4!"
"Rooftop basketball at lunch."
"Last walk to my car on Paramount for BTR!"
"Season wrap on the Crib set. And you can thank Hunter for his inappropriate sign language. #Waytogo"
"Watching @StephenGlickman watch on the Ricki Lake show! Get a keek now and watch!"
"A little "jog" before day 3 of #coachella"
"With @heffrondrive @AOLMusic writing a letter to our fans! Be sure to check it out later today when they post!"
"I love NYC"
"Paramount explosion was FAKE!"
"Boxing with @ShadBeast then off to the MTV Movie Awards!"
"The new YouTube video is uploading!"
"Go. Watch. Comment. Subscribe!"
"Heart and Soul Food"
"Go Comment!!!"
"Behind the scenes at House of Blues last night with the band and Victoria Justice!"
"Happy holiday! New challenge soon!"
"Get me to 250k followers and 50k subscribers by the end of the weekend and I will follow 7 people!">
"You asked for a little piano."
"A straight up cloud."
"You name it ill post it!"
"The start of a cloud."
"Thanks for voting and keep it up! #KCA #VoteBTR"
"Photoshoot at the beach."
"My amazing(ly) lazy choreographer."
"Thanks for the lovely traffic LA."
"Just sayin what's up and goodnight."
"A Sunday on PCH."
"Messing with J Judge because we didn't finish the episode. What's new? @erinzariah @cadebrigade">
"@dbeltwrites takes a fat water balloon to the face! @CarlosPenaTV on slo-no cam"
"Another "hard day at work"."
"Robert ruins the video. @StephenGlickman"
"Slow motion music video test"
"Guess who's guest starring today?"
"Early morning on set with @tanyachisholm cameo by @stephenglickman"
"Handling my snake..."
"Rad day-next vid coming soon"
"Finally got my first day of snowboarding in this season!"
"Just another day on set."
"My fountain is literally frozen! In LA!"
"Awesome painting from a fan named Wendy!"
"Top 5 questions w/ @stephenglickman"
"Paramount bowl ft. @CarlosPenaTV"
"Fox came surfing this weekend."
"Bringing it back"
"The Bronco is starting to look like a truck again."
"Almost New Years with mi amigo @jaimecamil"
"Lazy New Year's Eve morning."
"Pumkin' zip lining!"
"On set of Marvin Marvin with @thecarlospena and @1loganhenderson woot woot!"
"Hace frio!"
"Crazy week."
"I'm alive."
"A #FoxVideoSunday to make up for the late #FoxPhotoFriday"
"Good day, time for bed. Night peeps. Xoxo, JM"
"#PoliceGuys with @jonleebrody"
"Great time filming See Dad Run. Calling out @ryrynewman for not being in this vid!"
"#FoxVideoFriday :)"
"Getting a hurr cut by my girl Jean at the studio!"
"120 grand sounds terrible!"
"Hollywood Christmas Parade marching band!"
"A slide made out of ice!"
"Home from AZ. Love to all the fans I met today!"
"Perks of the job."
"The very first #FoxVideoFriday And yea this is what my hair looks like in the morning."
"Great workout with @ScottyZiegler and @ericthetrainer FIRST KEEK POST! Woot woot!"

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