segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2011

Tweets de fãs para o Carlitos

Tweets de fãs desejando feliz aniversário para o Carlitos hehe!

Happy B-day!! Carlitoos, I wish A Lot of Love,Peace,money,sucess,health and All the Happiness. Brazil Loves ù By:@myLogieBear

Carlitos, my baby's growing. haha I want to wish you Happy Birthday that God bless you and enlighten you every day <3 By: @BTRInfosBR

happy bday carlitoos! we love you so much!!!! feliz cumpleaños :)
By: @BigTimeLovatic

Happy Birthday Carlos! I love you so much! When you come to Brazil? Kisses, @LoganPotter_BTR.

All the best Carlos keep us proud of you, and continue with the charm and friendliness that you have with all the fans!
By: @OhYeahBTR10

Happy Birthday For You !!! You are a sweetie,amazing and cuttie !!!
By: @PaulistaRusher

My love wish from the bottom of my heart all the happiness in the world you deserve everything good today! May you have a birthday full of beautiful things..God bless you always..Happy Birthday love you Carlitos!
By: @LoveForJamesBR

Carlos congratulations I love you too, hope you consigua many fans! Worship You Believe you have the best fans in world.
By: @LygiaBeatrizr

Carlitos, you are the most cute person in the world, you are amazing and brazil loves you so much!The brazilian fans love you!
By: @LoganHFanBR

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