segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

Send your questions to Chris Fabregas

Well guys, this will be the third interview for me to blog. Who remembers the interviews with Matt Walker and Seth Dusky?

Chris Fabregas, for those who do not know, our beloved "Bear" that appears in MANY episodes. An actor, model SUPER friendly, we see him responding to a vast majority of fans on Twitter and stuff.

As you can see, I'm elevating how the interviews are done.

And if you want the Chris answer your question please send it to and on email must contain:

  -Subject: Question for Chris
  -Your Name
  -Your Age
  -Your Twitter (if you have)

7 questions will be selected because the other 3 will be made ​​by me. The most creative will be selected. Questions should be sent until 11/29, I will send them to him on 12/01 and we don't have prediction for when the interview will be posted on the blog, just be sure that in December.

So abuse of your creativity and let's go!

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